The apartment in Jewish Destrict Kazimierz in Cracow

Cracow, Poland project: 2016

construction: 2017
client: Private
author: VA.VER Studio
cooperation: Karolina Wawer
The apartment is situated in a historical tenement house in a charming street at the heart of the Cracow's district Kazimierz, in the close vicinity of the New Square.
We have taken into account the context of the above mentioned localisation and its historical background and planned the interior design of the apartment as a modern interpretation of the unique character of pre-war apartments in tenement houses in Cracow. 

Elements of decorations and furnishings made of black steel constitute the theme of this style. The steel is accompanied by natural bricks and concrete. A brick is a special type of the interior material because at least partly it could be seen as a feature of the raw state of the building. That is why all new bricks were carefully selected in order to fit perfectly into the character of the original bricks. 

Elements of joinery like the steel shower cabin, the bathroom sliding door, bars in the wall niches as well as steel claddings of pillars and structural roof beams were made according to the individual design to complete the style of the apartment. Theatre reflectors and light bulbs hanging on cables create a cosy atmosphere in the apartment.